Plan now to attend the 52nd Atlantic Seminar in Theological Education!

When: June 14-19, 2020
Where: Tatamagouche Centre, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Canada

Guest Speakers

Hilary Scharper and Stephen Scharp

Biographies for Hilary and Stephen

Hilary Cunningham (Scharper) is a cultural anthropologist and a Canadian novelist. Her academic work centers on boundary-making as itself a multi-faceted encounter with "nature"--one which ultimately generates certain types of human-nature interactions while excluding or marginalizing other kinds. Because "borders" can encompass geophysical spaces, metaphysical catergories , ecological zones, as well as human and non-human actors, Hilary focuses on "nature" itself as a kind of borderscape. Her current research on animal sanctuaries develops this approach through the concept of "gated ecologies," i.e., nature-borderscapes in which human and nonhuman marginalization (and destruction) unfold as a contingent, interconnected reality. Owing to her literary work (see below), Hilary also focuses on innovative approaches/methodologies to anthropology, including socially-engaged and participatory-art.

Hilary also publishes literary fiction and is associated with a newly-minted subgenre of the Gothis called the "ecoGothic." literay scholars have described this as a "more ecologically aware Gothisc," attuned to the spaces of "dark nature" and the roles which human feat and ambivalence play in shaping responses to the agency of the natural world. Her current writing project is a two-volume tale unfolding in the bioscapes of the Great Lakes and their remote, 19th-century lighthouses: Vol. I "Perdita" (2013); Vol. II "Lonely Island" (forthcoming). Hilary has also published a collection of short stories exploring the "dressed body" and the metaphysics of "the dream dress" ("Dream Dresses," 2009).

In 2013, Hilary and her spouse (Stephen Scharper) achieved precedent-setting legal protection for urban trees, resulting in changes to municipal by-laws in Ontario and providing (internationally) the first holistic definition of a tree's "trunk" in English law. See Boundary Trees:Worship Leader: To be determined


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