Attention – Recent Policy Changes

In recent years, we have experienced some major problems with people registering after the stated deadline. We admit that we have been rather lenient in this regard in trying to accommodate people and guarantee them the wonderful experience of attending the seminar. However, this practice has caused headaches for not only ourselves but, especially, for the cafeteria staff and the college conference staff when it comes time to tally up our bill. Our agreement with them has been to have our numbers in a month prior to the beginning of the seminar.

We are, therefore, initiating a policy in which registrations must be dated and sent on or before May 1st of the seminar year, with a selection made from one of the three options presented in the brochure. For those who do not choose one of the options, no meal card is issued (meal cards are not transferable) and the registrant will be responsible for arranging for their own accommodations. The community offers many restaurants within walking distance of the college.

Those who wish to register for one or two days only will be responsible for their own meals. Walk-ins will not be guaranteed a seat.

Thank you in advance for following this new policy so that as many as possible can fully enjoy the seminar including those who organize the event and the staff who serve us.