Nancy Steeves' Biography

Nancy Steeves
Nancy's faith has been nurtured in several Christian communities. She began her faith journey in a Baptist church in northern New Brunswick. After completing a B.Sc. in psychology, Nancy studied at Fuller Theological Seminary in California and Toronto School of Theology. She was ordained by the Presbyterian Church in Canada in 1981 and served Valleyview Presbyterian in Calgary before moving to Edmonton to study law at the University of Alberta. During her years as a law student, Nancy served Metropolitan Community Church of Edmonton and Evansburg-Greengrove Pastoral Charge. In 1993, Nancy began practicing law on a part-time basis and serving in ministry positions with Rio Terrace (Moravian) Community Church, Deer Park UnitedChurch in Calgary and Buchanan Eastwood United Church in Edmonton. Nancy has been part of the ministry team at Southminister-Steinhauer United Church, Calgary, an Affiming Congregation within the United Church of Canada, since August, 2003. She received a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching in May 2009.

Nancy's vision of ministry is companioning the journey; sharing the search for spirit; critiquing the social order; advocating justice; feeding hungry hearts; speaking truth to power and to the powerless. She is committed to the gospel as a vision of social and global transformation.