Marcus Borg, In Memorium, 1942 – 2015

Marcus Borg graced ASTE with his presence four times over the years.
Marcus, your friends at ASTE remember you as a most gracious man.

Plan now to attend the 47th Atlantic Seminar in Theological Education!

When: June 14 - 19, 2015
Where: Dalhousie Agricultural Campus, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

THEME: Free-Range Spirituality: Spirituality for Today's World

Can one have a spiritual life and not be religious? Can we talk about spirituality without assuming a god upon which spiritual values are built? What does it mean to be spiritual and how does being spiritual manifest itself in our lives?

From academic institutions to coffee shops to pubs, many are discussing spiritual values and how they connect with moral and ethical issues and global responsibility. Terms like salvation, redemption, and confession, which are deeply rooted in Christian spirituality and tradition, are seldom part of the discussion. Do they need to be?

Time has brought about a shift in understanding spirit, breaking away from the authority that defined the past, allowing the new generation to leave behind their childhood understanding of what it means to be spiritual and seek alternate expressions of faith by which they can live. The church's authority is giving way to self- exploration, the seeker is no longer bound by doctrines and creeds.

How can we expand our understanding of spirituality in ways that move beyond the traditional?

How do we affirm a sense of the spiritual in those whose expressions of spirit are non-traditional?

Join us as we explore this year's topic with our guests, Diarmuid O'Murchu and Nancy Steeves, at the 47th Atlantic Seminar in Theological Education.

Guest Speakers

Worship Leader: gkisedtanamoogk
I. Judson Levy Evening Forum: To be announced