David Bruce's Biography

David Bruce
David created the popular website Hollywood Jesus (www.hollywoodjesus.com in 1997, which was known for viewing pop culture from a spiritual point of view (#1 of kind with billions of hits). David has been featured as movie reviewer in NY Times, ABC-TV, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, etc. As a published author he has co-authored 10+ books. He has pastored 3 churches and holds a M.Div degree from North Park Theological Seminary. His professional career includes: NBC-TV administrator, magazine publisher of Mystery Magazine, Director of Administrative Services for St Francis Medical Center, radio station manager for KRML Carmel California, and served as a psychiatric therapist at Ravenswood Hospital in Chicago. In terms of social welfare, he co-founded and was director of the Barnabas Project (Low income housing & Transitional Housing for homeless and abused women with children). He currently works with the Ashland Independent Film Festival and teaches media for RVTV/So Oregon University where he also produces several TV shows. He is developing a new Christ in Culture website to be unveiled soon.